Benefits of Joining Oxbridge


Oxbridge is the FASTEST growing company in finance and real estate. We have over 700+ agents and 50+ finance brokers across Australia, New Zealand, UK and the USA. We offer fantastic technology, systems and support to help you to "Achieve Excellence" in real estate and finance.

Why Join?

Australia, NZ's and USA's Fastest Growing Finance and Real Estate Agency

Why Join Oxbridge?

We are the FASTEST GROWING Finance Company in Australia, New Zealand and USA

Phenomenal Technology + 80%-90% Commission Split + Flexible Membership (No Joining or Monthly Fee), Multi-Level Broker Referral Trail Program (Agents, Finance and Utility Connections) + Prospecting Team Support + Build Your Trail

1. No Office, No Boss, No Accounting, No Monthly Fees, No Unfair Commission Splits:

Work For Yourself

Are you an broker sick of the unfair commission splits? Sick of the office?
Oxbridge provides you with all the necessary tools to start or grow your finance brokering business including loan processors. Our plans are simple

  • Associate Membership - 80%/80% split (For New Brokers Less than 2 Years Experience - Mentoring Fee $50/month is optional for 85%/85% split)
  • Full Membership - 90%/90% split (Experienced Brokers for More Than 2 Years Experience - No Monthly Fee)
  • Aggregator Fee (Charged by Aggregator $140 + GST)


Associate Partner



Partners with less than 2 years of brokering experience as defined by the

Partners with more than 2 years of brokering experience as defined by the

Monthly Aggregator
Fee (Charged by Aggregator Outsource)

$140 + GST

$140 + GST

Additional Monthly



“On the Job”



Full Professional
Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance



Split Broker’s
Own Leads and (Broker/Oxbridge)

80% (Upfront)/80% (Trail)

(Upfront)/90% (Trail)

Prospecting Support - Access to
30,000 Weekly Leads - "FSBO/FRBO" (For Sale by Owner and For Rent by
Owner) and the “7Ds Patent”



Company Leads Splits (Broker/Oxbridge)



Access to RP Data



Ongoing Training
and Events

Yes (See

Yes (See

Access to Price



Access to ArchiStar


Yes ($66/month) 

Access to CRM



Standard WordPress Finance Website (Generic Template) + 1 Year of
Free Hosting



Coffee Club VIP



Google Suite Access



Unlimited 24/7



Co-Branding or Your
Own Brand (Highly Encouraged)




2. Build Your Own Brand:

Free Co-Branding

You can also co-brand and co-market with us for free. We highly encourage this. Build your profile in your local area under your company name or your name.

3. Dedicated Prospecting Team & Guaranteed Leads

Guaranteed 10,000 Leads a week

Oxbridge is Australia's FASTEST growing real estate agency. Leads are of course easy for us to obtain for finance. We also have a dedicated prospecting team to help you generate leads. We assist
brokers in several ways to build and increase your profile in your core area.

4. Build Multi-Level Referral Income for Brokers and Agents

Multi-Level Agent Referral Income

When you refer another broker, an agent or property manager to Oxbridge, you'll receive 3% commission of Oxbridge's income for every finance settlement, sale or rental that we manage or co-manage. If they refer their another broker, property manager or agent, you'll receive 2% of everything they settle, sale or rent. If they do the same it will be 1% etc. These referral fees will be for life as long as you still with Oxbridge. We will issue as Oxbridge to your account monthly.

Oxbridge also offers trail income on utility connection referrals and referrals on residential and commercial finance. Oxbridge is one of the very few (if not the only) agency that offers trails for these referrals.

5. Earn Up to 50% Commission Income Through Private Finance Referrals

Oxbrige has its own Finance Arm - Oxbridge Capital & Finance


Oxbridge Capital, a fully accredited private lender ( can assist any of your clients with any type of loans (development, construction, commercial, personal, mortgages, car etc) from $5,000 to $200M (see

Oxbridge has put in place a generous referral program for both upfront commission and trail commission for any referrals. These can be up to 50% of the
total commission depending on the types of loan and the size of the loan. To refer a client please:

  1.  Please fill out the referral form at
  2.  Submit to
  3. Loan approved and the splits agreed
  4.  Send the clients a “Fact Find”. For Homeloans please use (
    For other finances please use
  5. Please ask them to directly send to 
  6. Please ask clients to register and log onto Clients can submit documents and obtain bank statements confidentially directly from their bank and their accountant.
  7. Loan approved. Please send invoices to for your share of the commission

6. Free Website and Subdomain

Oxbridge offers you a free website

Oxbridge offers you a free website for your business. Bring your own domain name or use one of ours.

7. Training

Oxbridge provides you with regular free training and support

Oxbridge provides you with regular training and support. Sessions are held are held every week. Team meetings are held every month. You have access to extensive training materials from industry leading trainers and mentors.

8. State of the Art CRM

Oxbridge provides you the BEST CRM on the market

Untitled 1

9. Fantastic Software

Oxbridge provides you with the latest software


Oxbridge has Full Access to these Software Subscriptions

Software Subscription Comments
Corelogic Rpdata Full National Subscription + Direct Marketing Module #1 Software in Property Data (Superior to than Price Finder)
Homepass Full Unlimited Subscription Records Buyer and Tenant Inspections - Syncs with our CRM
Activepipe Full Unlimited Subscription Direct Marketing Module
Eagles CRM Full Unlimited Subscription Our State of the Art CRM Full Unlimited Subscription Multiple Subscriptions Full Unlimited National Subscription Unlimited National Subscription
46+ Other Realestate Portals Full Unlimited Subscription Unlimited Subscription
Property Platform Full Unlimited Subscription Our Projects Software
Property Tree, Property Me Full Unlimited Subscription Property Management Software with Trust Accounts
Our Property Full Unlimited Subscription Property Management Software without Trust Accounts
Infinity Platform (Finsure) Full Unlimited Subscription CRM for Finance Referrals and Broking
PriceLabs Full Unlimited Subscription Dynamic Pricing Software for Hotels and Service Apartments
Beds24 Full Unlimited Subscription Channel Manger, Owner Portal and Property Management System
Wishbox Full Unlimited Subscription Guest Experience, Communications and Guide Book
Stripe/Square Full Unlimited Subscription Credit/Debit Card Payment System
Afterpay/Zippay Full Unlimited Subscription Finance Deferrals for Marketing
Docusign Full Unlimited Subscription Electronic Signature
Realworks/REA Forms Full Unlimited Subscription Real Estate and Business Contracts and Forms
Zapier/Hubspot Full Unlimited Subscription Finance Referral Database
Oxbridge Scraper Patent 10,000+ Leads Weekly Unique to Oxbridge Partners

10. 24/7 Support

Oxbridge provides you with all the support you need

Oxbridge provides you with full support for CRM, Accounts, Billing, Marketing and all broker and finance related issues through our online platform and by phone.